Saturday, March 19, 2011

{Saturday Shopping Spree} Spring is in the Air

I am a bit of a spring chicken
{not in the literal term... well, unless you think 28 is considered a spring chicken}
What I mean is I LOATH winter.  I don't think I could despise it any more
which is rather unfortunate figuring we live in Vermont.
For the past couple years I have been trying to make the very best of it
{and I've found making jewelry is a great excuse for me to stay out of the cold}

To say I'm excited for spring is an understatement!
And I couldn't be any more excited that it will be here at this time tomorrow!!!
So, in celebration of the change of seasons I am shopping for all things that remind me of spring today on Etsy!!!

I would sit here and point out the items I love most, but I just adore them ALL!!!
I highly recommend heading over to Etsy and checking all of these shops out that are linked to this treasury
and be sure to leave a comment while you're there!
Which one{s} do you like most?