Sunday, March 6, 2011

{expecting} a new necklace

These are my dear friends, Amanda & Brie:
Every Wednesday we get together for a game of trivia at a local restaraunt.
It's so funny what odds and ends we come up with for answers.
We're a plethora of {useless} information.

There must be something in the water at the restaraunt because both Amanda & Brie are expecting!
{either I missed trivia night a few weeks in a row or I was drinking beer those nights}
because they're due within WEEKS of each other!!

Because I love them both so much & I'm so excited for their little bundles of joy to join us in this world,
I gave them each a bundle of joy to enjoy now:

I LOVE hearing their stories about their little ones!
They are going to be WONDERFUL mommies! 
I'm so glad I can catch up with them every Wednesday on their journey.

Last Wednesday, I gave them their little gifts & from their facial expressions, I think they loved them!

Amanda is due at the end of August & Brie at the beginning of September!
Amanda told me she loves that she doesn't have to explain to people that she is, in fact pregnant, anymore... it's written on the necklace. :-)

Each necklace includes the birthstone of the month they're due & these absolutely adorable baby feet:


The necklaces are now {in the store}.
Give a beautiful handmade gift to somebody you love who is expecting, too!
Why make them wait 9 months to receive something special???

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