Sunday, March 20, 2011

{finally... a story about kevin & amanda's blog}

Over a year ago I was reading {this blog post}
{I love her blog... and her photography and especially her fonts... she's so talented}

She posted these beautiful pictures of her scarves:

I LOVE scarves.  I can't get enough of them!
I also love navy anything & everything..., when I saw that navy polkadot scarf in her collection,
I was bound and determined to find one for myself!!!

Now, if you take notice of the date on that blog post, it was February 18, 2010.
I have been on a mad online, offline, mall, outlets
{you name it I searched high and low for a navy blue polkadot scarf}
and I have had absolutely no luck...

...until last night.

Brad and I went to the mall & as usual, I wanted to hit up Old Navy to see if they had any cute spring dresses.  As we were rounding the corner, that silly navy blue polkadot scarf came up in conversation.
Now, mind you, I thought I had been searching high & low for much longer than a year.
We were discussing how we couldn't believe we never came across a
 navy blue polkadot scarf anywhere for the past "2 years."
{It must have been a pretty long year for us}
I did my normal rounds along the outskirts of the store & when I found nothing that sparked my interest, I was coming down the center isle at the dressing rooms.
The scarf rack was just staring at me from the end of the isle.
I was like a kid in a candy store & made a mad dash for the one navy blue polkadot scarf that was hanging on the rack.

I can't begin to tell you how THRILLED I am to have that scarf hanging with the rest of my collection! :-)

There's something about navy that makes me think of yellow.
I love yellow and navy together!
And now my mind is thinking this girl needs a pair of yellow ballet flats.
Something tells me that's another year in the making because I'm not having any luck finding a pair online.
Have you come across a cute pair of yellow ballet flats?
Please share... I can't possibly take another year of searching for that piece to complete my wardrobe...

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  1. So glad you finally found it! Old Navy has the cutest scarves :)