Saturday, April 16, 2011

{Saturday Shopping Spree}: We're Moving

If you didn't know, we closed the shop yesterday for a few months.
I'm sad to have it closed, but it's necessary if I want to get any packing done for our move.
So, I have dedicated this week's Saturday Shopping Spree to moving!!!

I love those anchor note cards for writing to my family & friends.  I love snail mail... beats email any day!!!
And the anchor address box is adorable!!!
I can't wait to sit on the beaches of California, but I'm going to miss the colors & mountains of Vermont!
And, of course, everyone who moves needs moving announcements!  I can't wait to have a new address to shop for those! :-)
And how funny is that "America in my book" map?? 

So, needless to say, my butt needs to get off this computer and back to packing up boxes!
April is flying by.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're going on VACATION {store closing date}

It's official... my house is turned completely upside down with the move & we are sad to announce that the store will be going into vacation mode for a few months just before our 1 year anniversary of opening the shop!!!

So, get your Mother's Day orders in this week because the store will be closing on Friday, April 15th until the hubby & I get to our new stomping grounds.

I am sad to be closing shop, but happy to know that it will reopen {in a much warmer location}.

Head over to {the store} & get Mom something special while you can!

{Saturday Shopping Spree} Play Ball

Let me start out by saying that I am a member of a Red Sox loving family!!  I grew up right outside of Philly {so, understandably, most of my friends and family are huge Phillies fans}, but my husband & I {along with my brother's family} are big Red Sox fans.  I was thrilled to see them beat the Yankees last night {it was brought to my attention yesterday that I am one of those fans that will cheer on whoever is playing against the Yankees anyway}.  So, in honor of last night's win & that baseball season has finally begun, today's Saturday Shopping Spree is all things baseball!!!

  My love for the Red Sox started when I went to college in Vermont & started paying attention to the season!  When I saw that Vermont license plate sign, I fell in love {I really will miss this state & having access to watch the Red Sox games on NESN whenever I want}.  And I am a HUGE fan of anything vintage baseball.  If my husband and I are blessed with a little boy, someday, I can just picture his room now.

I LOVE that Phillies t-shirt, if only it had a big {B} on it!!  And how adorable is that AL East sign??

This may be my favorite Saturday Shopping Spree, yet!

Be sure to head over to the shop & get a necklace to cheer on your favorite team this season.
We even have baseball mit charms that can be added for only $5 extra!

These can be customized with your favorite team & their colors!
They're great for your little leaguers, too!
Get a necklace to match their team name & let them know you're cheering them on!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

{Saturday Shopping Spree} In the Navy

My hubby & I have big news...
You can read about it {here}

So, in honor of our big news, today's Saturday Shopping Spree has a sailor theme

I think, at some point, I'm going to need to invest in that "Home is where the Navy sends us" sign & that lovely journal to jot down all of my experiences through this journey!
I bought that little sailor ornament for my hubby for Christmas this past year
& I've had my eye on that yellow flower necklace for a very long time!!!
And I just LOVE those dress blues!!!
I may have mentioned that once before {here}

I made this necklace when my hubby enlisted last summer & it's been a big hit for all branches of the military!
When my hubby graduates from boot camp, I will finally be able to wear my own!

You can find this necklace {here in the shop}

and the treasury {here on etsy}.

We are one excited family these days!
And with all of this big news, I encourage everyone to get your Mother's Day orders in soon before the shop has to go on vacation mode!!!