Saturday, April 2, 2011

{Saturday Shopping Spree} In the Navy

My hubby & I have big news...
You can read about it {here}

So, in honor of our big news, today's Saturday Shopping Spree has a sailor theme

I think, at some point, I'm going to need to invest in that "Home is where the Navy sends us" sign & that lovely journal to jot down all of my experiences through this journey!
I bought that little sailor ornament for my hubby for Christmas this past year
& I've had my eye on that yellow flower necklace for a very long time!!!
And I just LOVE those dress blues!!!
I may have mentioned that once before {here}

I made this necklace when my hubby enlisted last summer & it's been a big hit for all branches of the military!
When my hubby graduates from boot camp, I will finally be able to wear my own!

You can find this necklace {here in the shop}

and the treasury {here on etsy}.

We are one excited family these days!
And with all of this big news, I encourage everyone to get your Mother's Day orders in soon before the shop has to go on vacation mode!!!

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