Saturday, April 9, 2011

{Saturday Shopping Spree} Play Ball

Let me start out by saying that I am a member of a Red Sox loving family!!  I grew up right outside of Philly {so, understandably, most of my friends and family are huge Phillies fans}, but my husband & I {along with my brother's family} are big Red Sox fans.  I was thrilled to see them beat the Yankees last night {it was brought to my attention yesterday that I am one of those fans that will cheer on whoever is playing against the Yankees anyway}.  So, in honor of last night's win & that baseball season has finally begun, today's Saturday Shopping Spree is all things baseball!!!

  My love for the Red Sox started when I went to college in Vermont & started paying attention to the season!  When I saw that Vermont license plate sign, I fell in love {I really will miss this state & having access to watch the Red Sox games on NESN whenever I want}.  And I am a HUGE fan of anything vintage baseball.  If my husband and I are blessed with a little boy, someday, I can just picture his room now.

I LOVE that Phillies t-shirt, if only it had a big {B} on it!!  And how adorable is that AL East sign??

This may be my favorite Saturday Shopping Spree, yet!

Be sure to head over to the shop & get a necklace to cheer on your favorite team this season.
We even have baseball mit charms that can be added for only $5 extra!

These can be customized with your favorite team & their colors!
They're great for your little leaguers, too!
Get a necklace to match their team name & let them know you're cheering them on!!!

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