Saturday, February 19, 2011



A few months ago, I received news from my aunt that a close family friend is fighting the battle of her life.
At the young age of 17, our dear friend was diagnosed with cancer.

While my mom battled cancer, I remember having a lot of questions,
but there were three little words that helped me deal with those moments...

hope.  believe.  pray.

When all else failed, I knew God would carry the burdens of uncertainty for me.
I wanted our friend to know this, too, so I made this necklace just for her.

We pray everyday for increased health for her & I ask all of you out in Blogger-land to do the same.
If there is something we can do in this world to make a difference, it's to hope. believe. pray.


I have made this necklace available in the store for all of you who want to send the same message to a loved one.
We will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this necklace to the "For the Love of Donna" Relay for Life team in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

To order a necklace for you or a loved one {click here}.

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