Saturday, November 20, 2010

wax seals and lockets

I love Saturdays!
I have the house to myself & have the opportunity to stamp my day away!
And, boy, was I productive today!!!
Along with fulfilling the many orders coming through for the holidays,
I created two new pieces for the shop.

The locket:

This necklace was inspired by our original Hope necklace found here.
One of our customers was looking to add a special touch for a friend who is about to start chemo
by adding the little saying of inspiration on the second pendant.
I think this was a wonderful idea & I was honored to be able to make it for her.
I am sending lots of prayers and well wishes along with this necklace.


The other project I made today was our wax seal pendant.

I've wanted to make one of these for quite some time, but it required a little trial and error until I finally found the right product.  They will be available in every letter of the alphabet & are made to resemble a vintage wax stamp.
They can be oxidized or left shiny like the above picture.

I'm so excited to add these to the shop & hope your are, too!

And I hope everyone has a happy & safe Thanksgiving!!


  1. I'm a fan on facebook, and I ADORE this locket design! I may have to pick one up sometime soon. can you customize what is on them?

  2. Hi Amanda!

    The locket is 100% customizable & I encourage it! I love new ideas! :-)


  3. Thank you again for all of your help. You were so much fun to work with. I will be sure to pass the prayers on. Hugs to you.